How to write a ‘Curated Blog Post’

Numbered Clipboard For List on Curated BlogMany of my clients ask me to write their blogs for them. And that’s fine – it’s work, right?? And I enjoy doing it. Getting into the head of my client, deeply understanding their target market and what they desire and writing appropriate content to inform, enlighten and invigorate them – and hopefully lead them down the sales path eventually. But writing regular posts can be hard yakka for business owners or marketers who have lots of other things in their business to be doing. It’s not always easy to think of topical and new things to say that will engage your audience. BUT there is a way to make it less stressful. You need to be resourceful but not necessarily inventive.

It’s called Content Curation.

You see, not all of your blogging content has to be 100% original. As long you are careful to quote sources, check facts and do some due diligence, you can gather and share selected content from around the web with your readers. Learn who the thought leaders in your industry are, identify the quality resources, then choose only the most relevant and comprehensive insights and pull them together in a meaningful way. And by ‘meaningful’ I mean you really have to add your own thoughtful commentary, or ‘annotation’, to the content to make it individual and set yourself apart as an expert in your field. Content Curation is just as valid as Content Creation if you do it well. It will serve your audience in the same way by educating and informing and should also attract new readers. As long as what you are quoting is credible and relevant, there is no problem. The bonus for you is that you don’t have to create all the content from scratch, thereby saving yourself a whole lot of time. The bonus for your audience is that you are introducing them to different perspectives on a particular topic, and collating useful information all in one spot (saving them time and effort also). They will start to view you as the expert who sifts through all the information and presents it in a useful and (hopefully!) succinct way.

So let’s take a look at how you might pull together a Curated Blog post.

  1. As with any type of blog, you need to PLAN IT

    1. Identify your audience
    2. Have a key take-away in mind
    3. Identify the types of content you want to curate (e.g.: infographics, stats, data, graphs, videos, expert tips, eBooks, case studies, quotes, webinars)
    4. Brainstorm some titles
    5. Create an Outline – intro, body, conclusion

    1. Your intro should empathise with your audience around a particular problem/issue
    2. Step through how you’re going to solve that problem with the content you’re providing
    3. Then move into the body where you should provide more detail about the content you have curated
    4. Start your list of curated items
    5. As this is not a How-To list you don’t need to provide transitional statements between the items
    6. Move into the conclusion where you wrap up how your curated content list answered the problem for the reader as stated in the intro
    7. Finally, finish with a question that encourages feedback or commentary

    1. Include a Call to Action (CTA). Do you want them to download your eBook, sign up to your newsletter, or Tweet about your great post?
    2. Revisit your title – you may want to tighten it up now that the body is written
    3. Link out to any additional resources you may want to include
    4. Choose an appropriate image to accompany your post
    5. Ensure all links are working and correctly named
    6. EDIT and EDIT again!
    7. Publish

I’d love to hear about any of your recent Curated Blogs. Post them below so we can all share in the joy.

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