Don’t Waste Your Time With Content Marketing


Did you just write, “don’t waste your time with Content Marketing?”

But aren’t you a Content Marketer, I hear you say?

Well, yes, but the truth is, that for some businesses, content marketing IS a waste of time.

And you know why? Because they just ‘play’ at it. Muck around with it. Learn about it but don’t truly implement it in any meaningful way.

The thing with content marketing is, that unless you actually plan it, work at it and make it part of your business practise, it won’t work.


And who cares right? You’ve got other marketing avenues you can throw your cash at….

I’m probably not supposed to say that, given that this is what I do for a living. However, I’d be lying if I said otherwise. Also, I guess Content Marketing is not really unique in this sense. I mean, how many times have you learnt things, known that it will be good for you or good for your business, been all fired up about it and then failed to follow through? All razzed up and nowhere to go! Nothing changes unless something changes….

The guts of content marketing – building an audience through content creation – is what I preach.

The channels – Facebook, Google+, Twitter – are all must-have tools in the modern business kitbag.
Being found by the behemoth – Google – is imperative to commercial success.
Your blog is your content hub from which all content marketing efforts need to emanate.
There is a process for content marketing success, which, when repeated, will yield awesome results for your business.

I can tell you this stuff until I’m blue in the face, but again, the truth of it is that none of it matters one iota unless YOU ACTUALLY DO IT.

And, I hear you mutter, personal relationships and lots of free value-add content is ‘not relevant’ in my marketplace/industry/business. I’m not a coach, I’m not a consultant, I don’t need to build those kinds of relationships. My products/services sell themselves.

Ok then. Sit back and let them sell themselves, and talk to me in 12 months time when you’re wondering why you don’t have a business anymore….

So, is this Content Marketing hoo-ha all a big fat waste of time? That would be terrifying, right? (In fact, worse for me than you, because this is what my business hangs its hat on!)

Instead of banging your head against the proverbial brick wall, maybe I could just do it all for you. Take that pain away. You could hire me to write your plan, plan your stuff, execute on the plan, write some things….that sounds cool, right? But then what happens when the money runs out and I leave and go do it for someone else?

I’ve written countless plans, schedules, inspirations, strategies… but I wonder how many of them have actually been implemented?

I know this shouldn’t frustrate me, but it does. I know I get paid regardless, and that you are in no way obligated to implement anything you pay me for, but it still shits me!

The truth is, it IS frustrating because I genuinely want to help you achieve success online.

Want to know the kicker? It doesn’t matter what I believe and what I want….YOU have to believe in it first. YOU have to really want this. To make a difference with your business by reaching more people with your awesomeness.

So many business owners come to me wanting to know HOW to write better. And yes, there are definitely techniques and ways to approach writing that can be taught. But I think that we perhaps focus too much on the ‘How’ of content marketing. We get lost in tactics and techniques and forget to ask the big question, ‘Why?’

Here’s the thing. You have to be able to answer these questions:

1. Why do you engage in content marketing? AND….

2. What if content marketing actually works???


Here are my answers:

1. To build an audience.
2. (short and commercial answer) I’ll sell more coaching and consulting gigs. (long and more thoughtful answer) I’ll be able to pick and choose the projects I want to work on and have an enviable lifestyle that works for me and my family without sacrificing time or money.
And this is why I love to (and need to) build my audience through Content Marketing. I love what I do and I really enjoy creating content that adds value and offers something useful to the people who I hang with. Because they’re kinda looking for that sort of thing.

But that doesn’t have to be you. Everyone will have different answers.

However, the underlying truth is that all content marketing initiatives should be about building an audience which at some point you want to sell something to. 

Personal brand, authority, profile are all excellent by-products. But the guts of it is that you have to want to eventually sell something to the audience you are building.

And if you’re not building an audience, then content marketing is a waste of time. You’re simply Facebooking for fun. You’re playing around. Mucking about. Wasting time.

That’s a bit black and white, but it’s the truth. If you’re not working to build an audience, then you’re not content marketing at all.



So here’s some things you can do to STOP wasting time:

  • Set a goal (financial, numbers of fans, etc)
  • Decide on, and really get to know your target audience.
  • Setup the communication channels and tools required to capture that audience.
  • Set up a process to connect with your audience.
  • Dedicate yourself to the task of content creation.
  • Test. Test. Test.
  • Repurpose. Repurpose. Repurpose.
  • Make friends with – and share stuff from – other creators.
  • Use tools to improve efficiency (measurement tools etc).
  • Create one-to-one conversation opportunities.
  • ASK FOR THE SALE (**If we build an audience and never ask for the sale then the cash register never rings.)

Content marketing is a business function.

When done with purpose, when done consistently and with skill, content marketing works.

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