Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm and ideas about how to solve that problem. (Laura Fitton, Founder


How You Say It is a digital content marketing consultancy. I want to grow your business through great content creation and inbound marketing.

Every business has a story to tell, even if you can’t articulate it. That’s my job – to help you uncover the story, the events that lead you and your business to where it is today, and to fashion those thoughts into a great story.  I’ll help you tell the world about the great things you have to offer in a transparent, truthful way, building trust with your target audience along the way. Storytelling is what we love to do.

There are three specific areas of expertise we can help you with:


Content Generation & Editing:

Generating content is often one of the biggest roadblocks for marketers and small business owners. There is always something better to be doing than writing a story! But write you will need to do if you want your customers to become loyal, raving fans and if you want to nurture and nudge your prospects.

How You Say It can make this sometimes laborious chore a little easier. We  help you uncover hidden content already in your organisation and show you how to repurpose it for different channels. It’s amazing how many good pieces of communication are lurking in old filing cabinets!

We can also write brand new content for you. First step is to understand your business and your audience. Next we research suitable keyword terms. Finally we add our writing flair to create content that will add positive impact to your brand and lure potential customers.

We can also do straight copy editing for you if that’s what you require. In fact, we rather enjoy this detailed task!

Finally, we can teach you how to commission others to write for you – be they internal stakeholders or external experts.


Social Media:

Social Media shouldn’t really be a different service on its own, as social media networks are simply the channel or method by which you distribute content. However, there is a fixation on Social Media currently so I have separated it out so business owners  know I can help them in this area.

If you’re not doing anything currently, that’s easy. I can set up your pages, explain the platforms and get you started on a path to social greatness. If you have already started but are stuck or keen to do more, I will take a look at what you’re currently doing, see what’s driving engagement with your target audience (or not) and will then generate a social media calendar for you that will help guide your writing.   Whilst I could write witty, clever posts for you, it makes more sense in the long run for business owners to claim this task for themselves (or delegate it to an employee).  Nobody knows your business as well as you do and connecting on a personal level with your clients or potential customers, is very important.

You will learn to post on the run when you’re travelling, at trade shows, with clients, on-site or at launches. You will know how to respond to both positive and negative feedback via social networks.  You will get a feel for when your posts hit the right mark and whether it’s timing or content or both that contribute to that success.  Social networking is simply a part of business communication in this day and age, so I will help you embrace it rather than fear it, and hopefully together we will generate sales and goodwill from it!


Content Marketing Strategy:

Is your brand’s message in sync with your business? Do you know what your buyer’s look like? Who are your targets, what do they want and where do they hang out online? Are you a niche player? Local? Or simply the best at what you do? We can help you uncover these answers, build a personality for your ‘business voice’ and fashion a content plan to deliver it.

The myriad online marketing channels available can be confusing. How You Say It will simplify the options for you.

We look at what content you already have and how you can generate more. We assist you in building a month by month content plan that will allow your business to attract, engage and convert readers into customers.

Workshop Facilitation:

If you already have a content strategy or plan, or even just a bunch of ideas, but you are unsure about how to make it happen, How You Say It can step in and assist.  We will provide a safe and open forum where all stakeholders can have their say.  We currently run two types of workshops:

  1. Content-Market Me: Together we will assess existing content (having conducted a content audit prior to the session) and will produce Yes, No and Massage-Me piles. We will have fun generating new content ideas, building a content plan, and looking at measurement tools to ensure success.  All ideas are good ideas – some just need a little massaging! And remember, it’s not what you say but How You Say It, that’s important!
  2. Traditional to Digital in a Day: If you have a sales or marketing team who are great at what they do now but are unsure about taking the leap into the digital marketing world, then we can help make that transition as painless as possible. Sometimes the fear of the unknown is more powerful than the unknown itself and prohibits any advancement or growth from occurring.  We can help your team understand the digital jargon, build up some vocab of their own, and feel comfortable approaching customers with new offerings. We have heaps of tools in our kitbag to bring business owners, as well as sales and marketing professionals, into the digital age, so they feel comfortable using new tools to promote their business. 

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