Renovator’s dream

kitchenHaving worked in real estate advertising for many years, I know that sometimes the truth is stretched a little…ok a lot…to get people through the door. [caveat: only a very small percentage of agents I have worked with – and there have been hundreds – are guilty of this]. There are rules and regs in place to curb over or under quoting on prices, but there are no legalities surrounding ad copy or photography that can sometimes be ‘misleading’.

What I find interesting however, is how anyone can think it’s ok to stretch the truth and then have to back-track once they have potential buyers/renters in front of them.  Awkward, much? It’s an interesting phenomena that unfortunately won’t be rectified anytime soon.

Anyway, the reason I’m pontificating this is that I’m living through my own “Renovator’s Dream” at the moment.

Six and a half years ago my husband and I bought a great place on the Mornington Peninsula – a growing area with great schools, shops, wineries and beaches nearby. Idyllic in so many ways. The house had good ‘bones’ and was on a great block. The painting and light fittings were hideous however,(which we sorted out before moving in!) but everything else was acceptable – oh, except for the kitchen…. I swore black and blue that we would be ok with it, for a little while, and that we would then make it a priority to overhaul.  Well, 6.5 years on, two children later, a move to Sydney for 2 years and starting a new business, and we are finally getting the kitchen renovated.

The process leading up to this week was quite painless. God knows we had been talking about it long enough, so we mostly knew what we wanted… although my inability to make quick decisions on interior design specifics has taken its toll on my husband’s grey hair. but hey, you wait this long you want to get it right, right?

This week however, all hell has broken loose as my entire kitchen, including food, is on, under or around my dining table and my front door has been jammed open to allow the heat out and a continuous raft of strong young men in. There have been hammers and electric saws, high-pitched squealy drills and crowbars all doing what they do.  The tradie-radio has been blaring out Barnesy and Farnesy on Triple MMM and the chatter has been blokey to say the least.  Our elderly dog has been stressed to the max and added to the overall chaos by taking the opportunity to escape out the usually-locked front gate and have a crack at a little white fluffball after it nipped at her arthritic back legs. The two cats have also been erratic – either scarce or climbing the curtains to escape. My internet connection is down so I’ve been using my phone’s personal hotspot to get done what I can and now my data charges are through the roof. The plaster dust is EVERYWHERE and playing havoc with my sore throat. And to top it off I’ve had both kids home – one because she was sick, the other because his carer was on holiday.

Needless to say, my plans for this week have gone awry….

But what’s weird is that through the chaos is an extraordinary calm that arises when you watch kids just ‘get on with it’.

They don’t care that they’re eating microwave reheated food (I did have some sense of pre-planning and at least make some meals to freeze the week prrior) off the coffee table. Nor do they care that the dishes now get washed in the laundry tub. And they find it funny when I ask them to ‘go find the cinnamon’ for their porridge and it’s in a tub at the back of a pile that they have to crawl underneath to reach. It’s an adventure. It’s just a bit different. It’s something new and fun. And they keep reminding me that we’ll have a lovely new kitchen soon and it will all be back to normal.

Keep your eye on the prize…always….kids do this naturally, grown-ups often need to be reminded.  

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