Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know. (Jim Rohn)


No two businesses are the same, nor are their requirements. Sometimes we’re a coach, sometimes we are a practitioner, other times a facilitator or editor.

Our work is customised and customer-driven. Therefore at How You Say It, our pricing reflects this. 

We are nimble, agile and open to suggestions, but we are also professional, experienced and skilled. We will price and package our services to suit your business needs based upon what we agree will generate the best outcome. We can either work on an ad-hoc project basis or a more regular hourly basis where content maintenance may be required.

Please talk with us to find out what suits your needs best.


Indicative Pricing (because we know this is what you’re really looking for!)

  • Research and copywriting: $75/hour (depending on complexity)
  • Workshop Facilitation & Training: $1200/day (includes pre-work and presentation prep. Client will need to foot the bill for interstate travel expenses and a decent cup of coffee!)
  • Strategy Consulting:  $100/hour


And how long will stuff take to get done? (It’s helpful to have a rough idea of what you’re dealing with before requesting a quote. Below are indications only – final pricing will depend on complexity of research etc.)

  • Website Content: 3-5 hours for the Home page and 2-3 hours for secondary pages. Word count = 400-500 for home and 300-400 for secondary pages.
  • Blogs: 2-3 hours per post. Word count = 300-500.
  • Sales Collateral: 5-7 hours for a double sided A4 brochure.
  • Client communications: 2-3 hours for announcement letters.
  • Newsletters:  5-8 hours for an online newsletter, including 2-3 articles, image sourcing and additional commentary.
  • Ad copy: 1-2 hours for display advertising copy.
  • Hints and Tips: 3-4 hours for hints and tips sheets/Top 10 lists. Word count = 400-500
  • Content Calendar: 8-10 hours for a 12 month calendar.



The best value for your business is one of my packages. It guarantees you a fixed price (unless you go crazily outside the lines of the package and start requesting the world – at which point, I’ll slap you on the wrist, pop you back in your place and either say NO, or simply charge you by the hour!)

Package 1: Austen (new business owner, no website, no marketing, no ideas!) – $1,600 (a saving of $350)

  • detailed persona development
  • 5 page website, including sitemap
  • social media calendar – 6 months
  • Facebook business page setup


Package 2: Bronte (website needs refreshing, not much social engagement, no clear target audience) – $1,800 (a saving of $400)

  • detailed persona development
  • 5-7 page website re-write
  • social media calendar – 6 months
  • Blog posts x 3

Package 3: Plath (website needs a serious overhaul, social engagement is ok, need wider reach) – $2,200 (a saving of $450)

  • 5-7 page website re-write
  • blogposts x 6
  • google ads x 2
  • facebook ads x 2
  • landing pages for each ad (requires site owner to be using a CRM of some sort)


Please let me know if you require a tweak to any of these packages. I’m happy to tweak away to suit you!



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