Do you want to unleash your story on the world? (because you should - it's amazing and it's all yours and your tribe will love you for it)
Do you want to unblock the fears that stop you from sharing your story? (you need to get rid of the monkey chatter that says your stuff isn't worthy or interesting or clever enough)
Do you want some easy-to-implement techniques that help you create content consistently and effectively? (because then you can't use the excuse about not having the time, inspiration or know-how)

If it's a "YES pleeeeeaaaaasssseee" then my 
Storyteller's Breakthrough Workshop
is just what you need.

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So, what will you experience on the day?

Five hours of intensive content coaching from someone who has 'been there done that'. With 20 years experience in business communications and online marketing, I've got heaps of knowledge and war stories to share. I've written for businesses large and small, Aussie and global, start-ups and well-established. I understand the frustrations with writing but I also know the power of the written word and how it connects and contributes to the bottom line.  
You'll get:
- Your story, uncovered, in a way you never realised or knew to be true. You'll discover the reason you're doing what you're doing and then how you can use that discovery to language what you're offering to clients.
- A framework for creating content that invites new people into your tribe and then converts those fans into paying customers.
Practical tips and technique for writing great blogs (written and video), ads, sales pages and social media posts.
- A proven methodology for finding time in your week to write. No more excuses!!!
AND as a BONUS....'ll also get some "woowoo" mindset stuff that will help rid you of the blockages you have around writing  (because I know you have them...). 

The Early Bird Price is $279 (plus gst)
(This price is available until January 3rd after which the price re
verts to $329 plus gst).

* 5 hours training
* Lunch and coffee/juice
* Huge workbook full of templates, checklists, tools & techniques

* Bonus prework, emailed to you prior to the workshop
* Bonus 1:1 with me AFTER the workshop to make sure you 'got it'

Space is limited to 10 people.

3rd February @ Cafe 115, Main St. Mornington. 9.30am-2.30pm

Once you register I will call you to take secure payment.