Have you felt yourself lately?

when do you feel like your true self?When was the last time you TRULY felt like yourself? Felt full of the goodness of life and perfectly comfortable in your own skin? When were you last free of worries and stress? When did you last feel like you actually belonged somewhere?

It may have only been yesterday. At home, in the garden with your dog. Or it may have been last night, on the couch with your best friend. Or maybe you’re struggling to recall that feeling. It may have been a really long time since you felt that comfy, relaxed self.

If you have felt this feeling, then try to replicate it as often as possible. Whether it’s the activity, the people or the place that made you feel yourself, try to be doing that thing, with those people or in that place again…as much as possible.

If you haven’t felt it, or it’s been ages since you’ve felt it, then maybe you’re trying too hard to be something you’re not. Maybe the career you’re pursuing, the friends you’re spending time with or the place you’re living is just not right for you now. People change and grow. That’s the fun of being human. And what was right a little while ago may just not be right now. You morphed and didn’t realise it!

Either way, why don’t you feel like yourself more often? Your true self is wonderful, so don’t hide from it or push it away. Embrace who you are and be proud to tell people about it. Your story is a great one.

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