Create a Catchy Business Name in 9 Easy Steps!

Creative-tips-for-picking-a-business-name-smallOne of the best time wasters for an entrepreneur embarking on a new venture is figuring out the right name for their business. Generating the business idea seems to be the easy bit – NAMING the idea often stumps people.  Securing the appropriate domain name…and then getting the business cards made….and then the website designed are usually the next time wasters waiting in the wings. Actually, there are HEAPS of great time wasters – but let’s just focus on the first one shall we? Below are some great tips to create a catchy business name (and then secure the appropriate domain name!).

Choosing the right name for your business can be tricky if you let it be. The key is in not trying to be too clever. If you create something that doesn’t work as a domain name, is too hard to remember, or doesn’t represent what you do, it will be a constant battle to market yourself.

As a quick reality check, don’t expect your domain name to be so amazing that just seeing it will inspire someone to pick up the phone and hand over their credit card details. That’s the job of your marketing materials, as well as your online and offline presentation and conversations.  However, certainly an attractive domain name can help entice prospects to your site and will greatly enhance recall once someone has visited once.Here are 9 tips to help you create a memorable and catchy business name that’s going to work FOR you not AGAINST you when it comes to marketing:1. Easy to read – Make sure your business name is clear and easy to read when written as a domain name. Sometimes a designated business name has an unintentional second meaning when the words are pushed together in a browser bar. The juxtaposition may have amusing – or terrible – consequences! For example: Therapist Finder is a Californian site dedicated to helping you find the therapist or counsellor you need. However when you read their domain name, you could be forgiven for thinking the website is for rather a more unsavoury search!

2. Easy to understand – Don’t make people think too hard when they see your business name; it creates doubt and hesitation and ultimately stalls action.

3. Shorter is better – Names with simple and short words are easier to remember and type and share. For example is better than

4. Easy to remember – Make your name as easy as possible for people to recall and tell others about. If you overcomplicate it they won’t remember it.

5. You like it – The name should be something that sounds and feels good to you; hopefully you’ll be using it for many years to come!

6. Expresses a benefit – This isn’t always easy, but is ideal if you can manage it. Your target audience wants an answer to their questions which is why they’re seeking your help – if your domain name can offer this benefit it will be a winner. For example:

7. Spells out what you do – There is nothing better than ending up on a webpage that is exactly what you expected after you click a link. It sounds simple but so often it’s not the case!  Thus a name like would work well if the website has loads of information on it about coaching people to create content!

8. The domain name is available – Domain names are being bought by people every moment of every day. Many are bought specifically just to be sold for a higher price – they have become a commodity to trade in like shares. Make sure that the business name you are thinking of using has a matching domain name that is available. If there is no direct match, you could use a little creativity to still come up with a good one. For example, if is taken, you could try

9. Go for a ‘’ over .net, .org, or any other extension. It is what people expect from a business operating in Australia. If you are marketing yourself overseas, then it’s a good idea to also buy the relevant domains for countries in which you want to be found.


Here are some examples of good domain names – I know exactly what I’m going to get when I land on this – Easy to remember, spell and pass on to others. It states exactly what Phil does (or is). – It’s obvious what the service is and where they operate. – The promise of the offering is in the name.


In conclusion, remember not to fret for too long over the perfect business name. Take heed of the advice above and you should end up with a catchy business name that can be smartly and memorably marketed both on- and offline.

ps. These tips are equally valid to remember if you are trying to name a program or service within your offering.

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