Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships. (Stephen Covey)


I’ve had the chance to work with some wonderful businesses, both large and small and a few in-betweeners. Some of them have had the benefit of years of experience and clever people passing by their water coolers, others are brand new start-ups, with a single visionary hoping for the best. Regardless of style, status or success, I’m keen to get on board and help your business generate sales and broaden your influence.

How I work with you (the simplified version!)

I love a good coffee, so after we’ve had our first sip, I’ll start to pick your brains about your business. What stage it’s at in terms of product or service offerings, marketing, sales, customer base. What you’ve tried in terms of communications is important and I’m happy to listen empathetically to your war stories!  The past is important if we want to learn from it and move forward, but I won’t dwell I promise.

So next, we’ll talk about where you want to be and what plans you have in progress to get there. During the course of our chat I’ll uncover the style and tone of your business, or at least what you think it is, and then we’ll work together to finesse that. I’ll poke around a bit more until I have what I need to get started.

It won’t be frightening and you won’t be made to feel awkward because perhaps you ‘don’t get this online marketing stuff’. That’s why I’m here – to take the pain away and do the work for you.  I love this online communications business, so you don’t have to!

If you need more convincing a few of my very kind clients were happy enough to pen a few of their own words in support of mine. (I popped their faces on so you know they’re real people and not a figment of my rather wild imagination!)  Read testimonials.

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