Bed-hair can create opportunity….

woman in bed with bed hair and bird

So it was really really early, like 5.30am, when I met this guy at the gym. I’d seen him before but we were usually passing in the hallway so to speak. We started with the typical early morning – I’ve still got bed-hair and mascara under my eyes (me, not him) – kind of conversation. You know the kind, where you sort of look sideways whilst trying to glance at yourself in the mirror and hope to god you put your gym pants on the right way and picked two matching socks in the dark, whilst not sounding too chipper in case they’re not a morning person and just grunt at you?

“Cold isn’t it?”
“Yeah, and dark.”
‘Well done for getting here though.”
“Yeah, you too.”
“Have you noticed how hardly anyone is here in the mornings now? This place is almost empty every day.”
“Yeah, I know. It’s spring, and summer’s only around the corner, you’d think there’d be a few more here. I notice you’re here a few mornings each week.”
“Yeah, I try. (thinking to myself – one morning at best….hmm). It’s weird isn’t it…usually on Mondays there’s more people, but by Friday there’s hardly anyone here.”
“Yeah. Probably trying to make themselves feel better after the weekend, then they’re back on it by Thursday. I come regardless of how hard I’ve been partying. Makes me feel better! I’m here early because I start work at 7.30am, so it suits me fine. How about you?”
“I’m here early because my husband leaves for work at 6.30am and I have two young kids in bed.”

And then silence.
The body language shifted. The tone shifted.
“Oh god”, I though aghast. “Was he trying to pick me up??? Was he actually kinda flirting with me?? And has now just opened his eyes and realised I’m a middle-aged married chick with 2 babes in bed??”
Firstly, hilarious because it’s obviously been a while since someone tried to pick me up and I completely missed the signs. Secondly hilarious because it’s 5.30am in the morning and we are NOT at a nightclub. And finally, hilarious because the 5.30am version of me is not pretty in anyone’s books!

But what happened next was great. And perfect. And a relief.
His tone shifted again. His body language shifted again. And he proceeded to tell me that he actually had 4 kids at home in bed…..and that whilst he and his wife are in a trial separation, they co-parent their kids really well and all is very amicable and she’ll actually be at home making breakfast when he gets back….

We then went on to have a really decent chat about where he lives and the reno he’s doing on his garage to create a man-cave (something he’s always wanted but wasn’t allowed …) and then I told him about how we’re renovating our garage and how my husband wants it to be a man cave with a stripper-pole(!), but in actual fact it’s going to be my studio, my sanctuary and a place for my parents to crash….and then how he’s a concreter and knows some guys who could maybe help us and how he really needs some business and marketing advice to grow his business and could I help him, and blah blah blah….

And so it goes that a chance meeting in a gym at 5.30am which began innocently, then got awkward and momentarily icky, then was ok again once we both realised there was no agenda and that we both looked pretty unsexy at that time of the morning with our bed-hair and wrinkled gym clothes regardless of any mutual attraction or inclination, turned into a great meeting of shared renovation tips and business advice.

Never miss an opportunity to connect with people. Say ‘hi’, or ‘can I help you?’ even when you have mascara smudged under your eyes. You never know where it may lead….

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