Credentials? Yes.

Jo Johnson – Director, writer, communicator, facilitator, business developer  

I began life in sales. Working for one of Australia’s iconic clothing brands, I was well trained in ‘solution selling’ and learnt quickly that ‘the customer is always right’.

So having mixed business with pleasure (that is, shopping my way around the globe for 3 years!), my sales background lead me to a career in recruitment: the art of selling people. I sold IT, sales and marketing people to a huge variety of organisations and was instrumental in building some of the most successful sales teams of the early online businesses in Australia.
But people as a product is not an easy gig. They change their mind for goodness sake! So, I went on to sell advertising, creative concepts and marketing expertise at a small online/offline advertising agency. Given the size of the organisation, once the sale was complete I changed outfits and became project manager, account manager and writer.
Lured away by a clever recruiter, I joined (REA) in 2002 – the early days of the empire! I began life at REA as Web Production Manager. My next role was State Sales Manager, leading a team responsible for selling advertising products. At this time I uncovered a hole in the sales process and knowledge base of our customers. And so the Knowledge Network was born; a new training group designed to inform and instruct real estate agents on the benefits and know-how of online marketing. Delivered as a series of seminars and workshops, I travelled the country, up-skilling our customer base.

Having handed the reins of the Knowledge Network seminars over to the State Managers (living out of a suitcase got tedious!), I started up another new team at REA – Editorial. The property market was booming and consumers were increasingly hungry for knowledge about finance, buying and selling, agents, location services, renovation and anything else property-related. And so I helped satisfy that hunger. I wrote and wrote and wrote. And then enlisted others to write. I created videos, blogs, articles, ads, whitepapers. I developed a voice for REA, a style, an attitude.

And then I had a baby…And then another…

And now a third – only this one doesn’t cry. But it does need feeding. It does need nurturing and it will grow up. This baby is called ‘How You Say It ‘ – because it’s not what you say, but how you say it that matters.

The certificates that hang on the wall

B.Arts (Hons. English),

Graduate Certificate Editing/Proofreading,

Masters Virtual Communication

PLUS a bazillion sales and marketing short courses

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