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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken! (Oscar Wilde)


How You Say It was officially given wings to fly in 2012. However, it had been bubbling away as an idea for a number of years prior.

Words were always my thing…

…from the heady days of primary school spelling bees, to English Literature prize winner at high school, to whiling away many hours reading and debating in dusty libraries at university. My backpacking years were accompanied by nightly diary updates and postcards written in tiny text and a foray into travel writing for London magazine TNT.  I poured my teenage and early 20-something angst and elation out onto pages wherever I laid my stinky hiking boots.

And then I hit the corporate world. With a thud. But I picked up my pen again and started writing ads.

Recruitment, sales, marketing, technology, whatever I could get my head around. And then I wrote articles and whitepapers and product specs and customer engagement pieces. Whatever I could get my keyboard onto.

A stickler for grammar I was driven crazy in the early days of the web when people just banged up whatever they felt was ‘cool’ and ‘techy’.

There’s no need for rubbishy slapdash content, just because it doesn’t go to print.

So whilst correcting people’s grammar during conversations won’t win you any dinner party invites, I can’t help but be fastidious about it when writing for clients.  In fact, one of my favourite Facebookers is Grammarly.com (check it out for nerdy language fun!)

Anyway, long story short, I’m finally where I want to be, combining my love of words, journalism, imagery, marketing, advertising and the web, in a career/business that I can do from anywhere. My dream of a laptop on a mountain top in France is not far away….

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